Core Features

Study Anywhere, Anytime with our Free NCLEX RN App!

Designed Just for You!
The Free NCLEX RN app is the app of choice for licensing exam preparation. We offer detailed explanations for every response, including clinical reasoning behind both correct AND incorrect answers. This way, you learn AS you practice.
Keep Tabs on Your Progress
• Identify weaknesses and improve test-taking skills
• Track performance
• Exam software that mimics the real NCLEX to gain confidence for test day
Challenging Questions
With well over 1000 questions in our database, you will be ready for exam day. We cover all aspects of the exam. We leave no medical stone unturned. You don’t know what you don’t know, and we will ensure you do know…especially on exam day.
Additional Features
In-Depth Explanations
We have multiple concepts per question to maximize study time with detailed rationales for correct and incorrect options
Customizable Quizzes
Create customizable quizzes based on your study needs.
Study Anywhere – Anytime!
Practice questions on your mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Our simple, user-friendly interface allows you to study the content you need, when you need it.
The App Is Available For

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